Why I'm still addicted to my MP3 Player

Technology 25-11-2017 Mashable 58

Like Tom Petty, I believe music is holy.

So, naturally, I can’t trust the whims of a broadband network to send invisible streams of melodic data to my phone. 

Yes, this might be viewed as ridiculous and ignoring the reality that today's streaming services are pretty reliable most anywhere. But when considering an invaluable asset like music, I intend to keep it on my person, like a CIA operative with a briefcase locked to their wrist.

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Except my briefcase is a silver MP3 player, specifically, Sony’s 64 GB Hi-Res Walkman. I have the most recent edition of the gadget, which I purchased last year. It holds gold: James McMurtrey. Neil Young. Lucinda Williams. Yo La Tengo. Petty. Read more...

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