Don't hold your breath for a new iPhone 8 this year

Technology 2-5-2017 Mashable 2893

Brace yourselves now, people: we could be in for quite an iPhone-based shock later this year — and it might not be the sticker price

By now, you've probably heard that Apple's upcoming deluxe iPhone 8 might be delayed beyond the product line's now-typical September launch. The holdup could stem from issues with the development of the rumored screen-embedded fingerprint sensor, or from production issues with some of the new components.  Hell, Apple might not even have settled on a final design for the flagship, which would definitely push back its production schedule. 

All of these reports, however, have largely assured Apple fans that the iPhone 8 will still be available this year, shortly after the release of two less substantial updates to the current 7 model's September release.  Read more...

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