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Google to buy Fitbit for around $2.1bn

Google is to buy the fitness technology firm Fitbit for around $2.1bn.

Scientists discover a new class of smaller black holes

A new class of black holes may have been found in space.

Sky News to investigate how tech is used and misused through the election

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NASA discovers new nebula - but is it a trick or a treat?

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GCHQ turns 100: Can you solve these brain-teasing puzzles?

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Spider webbing inspires new double-sided surgical tape

Engineers have designed a new type of surgical suture based on the sticky substance spiders use to c ...View More

Remote-controlled humanoid robots are a step closer

Scientists are making strides in developing remote-controlled two-legged robots, which could be used ...View More

Cannabis retrieved from man's nose after 18 years

A man who attempted to smuggle cannabis into prison by hiding it in a balloon up his nose has retrie ...View More

Calorie labelling causes only small reduction in consumption - study

Labelling fast food with the calories it contains causes only a small reduction in the amount custom ...View More