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Formula 1 cars on biofuels could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

Formula 1 race cars will run on sustainable fuel in an effort to all but eliminate greenhouse gas em ...View More

Bank investigated over 'sexist' Apple Card credit limits

A major bank is being investigated following allegations that the algorithms it uses to set credit l ...View More

NASA unveils early version of all-electric plane

NASA has unveiled an all-electric plane which it has been developing since 2015.

TSB chiefs braced for criticism over £370m IT meltdown

The board of TSB Bank is to be heavily criticised for failing to properly prepare for a crucial syst ...View More

Mysterious wave of texts leave Americans extremely confused

A mysterious technical glitch has seen some American mobile phone owners receive unintelligible mess ...View More

WhatsApp messages urge Hindus to vote against Labour

Messages urging British Hindus to vote against Labour in the general election are being circulated o ...View More

'Unsinkable metal' inspired by diving bell spiders and fire ants

Researchers at the University of Rochester have created an "unsinkable metallic structure" inspired  ...View More

Veteran 'feels normal again' after world's first penis and scrotum transplant

An American army veteran who lost his legs and genitals in a roadside bomb explosion says he "feels  ...View More

Saudis 'recruited Twitter workers to spy on users'

The Saudi government hired two Twitter employees to get personal account information about critics o ...View More