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Man admits causing blasts that killed three Italian firefighters

A man has admitted blowing up his farmhouse in Italy as part of an insurance scam, leaving three fir ...View More

Woman kidnapped, raped, robbed and left for dead in desert

A woman was found cold but alive in a desert after being kidnapped, raped and robbed during a week-l ...View More

Facebook deletes name of Trump's alleged whisteblower

Facebook is deleting the name of the alleged whistleblower who triggered Donald Trump's impeachment  ...View More

India's top court awards disputed holy site to Hindus

India's top court has awarded a disputed religious site to Hindus - rejecting a rival Muslim claim.

'Significant moment': Kurd dies in protest at Turkish 'invaders'

Sermisaxa Jor is a tiny, ethnically Kurdish village in the far northeast of Syria. 

'Chilling message': India revokes British writer's citizenship

The Indian government has been criticised for revoking the overseas citizenship of a British writer  ...View More

Hundreds of koalas killed as record bushfires rage in Australia

More than half of the koalas living on a coastal reserve have been killed as parts of Australia are  ...View More

Terrified final phone call of woman whose house was engulfed by wildfire

One of the three people killed in Australia's wildfires was in "absolute panic" as the road to her h ...View More

Divisions between East and West remain in Germany

As the country prepares to mark three decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the German governme ...View More

Student dies after fall from car park during Hong Kong tear gas raid

A university student who fell from a multi-storey car park in Hong Kong after police fired tear gas  ...View More