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Scientists keep liver alive outside a body for a week

Scientists have found a way to keep a liver alive outside the body for up to a week, potentially hel ...View More

Israeli 'cult' raided after victims 'made to put hands in fire'

A cult-like group in an ultra-Orthodox area of Jerusalem has been raided, with police saying dozens  ...View More

Iran warns UK against 'any new mistake' after ambassador arrest

Iran's foreign ministry has warned Britain to avoid making "any new mistake" following the arrest of ...View More

Trump 'authorised Soleimani killing seven months ago'

President Donald Trump authorised the killing of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani seven months ...View More

Emergency nuclear alert sent to millions in error, officials admit

An emergency alert warning millions of people of an "incident" at a nuclear power plant near Toronto ...View More

British woman, 21, dies after falling off cliff in Australia

A British woman has died after falling off a cliff in Australia.

This is the tortoise whose sex drive saved his species

A giant tortoise called Diego who had such an uncontrollable sex drive he may well have reproduced h ...View More

Venice canals almost run dry just two months after flooding

Just weeks after serious flooding caused widespread damage, the famous canals of Venice have been le ...View More

Roger Federer responds to criticism from Greta Thunberg

Tennis star Roger Federer has been criticised by climate change activists - including Greta Thunberg ...View More

Man survives 23 days in sub-zero temperatures after cabin burns down

A man who spent 23 days in sub-freezing temperatures after his cabin burned down in Alaska has been  ...View More