October 22, 2019  

Trump: Diplomat's 'devastating' testimony at impeachment hearing

Donald Trump released security aid to Ukraine on the proviso Kiev publicly declared it would carry o ...View More

Berlin rents could be frozen and tenants may sue to reduce costs

Rents in Berlin could be frozen for five years to reverse rising costs in one of Germany's most expe ...View More

Turkey and Russia agree to Syria 'safe zone' with no Kurdish fighters

Russia and Turkey have agreed to joint military patrols along the Turkish-Syrian border as they dema ...View More

'We paid $2,000': Syrian refugees charged to cross Iraq border

Refugees fleeing Turkish forces are being charged hundreds of US dollars each to cross from Syria in ...View More

Italy may use anti-terror listening devices to catch racist fans

Italian football chiefs are considering fitting stadiums with listening devices used in anti-terrori ...View More

Two babies hurt as man drives stolen ambulance into people in Norway

An armed man has been shot and arrested after he stole an ambulance and drove into people in Oslo, i ...View More

Driver miraculously survives his car being impaled by logs

A driver has miraculously survived after he drove into the back of a truck and his car was impaled b ...View More

Petty crimes pardoned as Japan's emperor ascends to throne

Japan's Emperor Naruhito has formally proclaimed his enthronement in a ritual-bound ceremony.

Canada election: Justin Trudeau's Liberals set to cling on to power

Justin Trudeau is predicted to win a second term in Canada's parliamentary elections Monday, despite ...View More

Justin Trudeau set to remain in power - but loses majority

Justin Trudeau is set to win a second term in Canada's parliamentary elections despite a series of s ...View More